Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Love and Cherish - Fiction, Historical

To Love and Cherish
By Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

Melinda Colson longs for true love and marriage and has her heart set on Evan Tarlow, the assistant groundskeeper for the Bridal Veil Island Resort.  Melinda is determined to wed Evan before the resort season ends and she is forced to return to Cleveland with her employer.  But it seems she’s just going to have to come right out and propose to the man, because he can’t seem to grasp her not-so-subtle hints….. Evan is in love with Melinda, but a promise to himself from the past keeps him from asking for her hand.  Melinda returns to Cleveland dismayed.  Meanwhile, a hurricane strikes the island and surrounding communities and leaves a terrible path of destruction.  Melinda risks everything she has to race back to the island in search of Evan.  Will she find her true love safe, and will he FINALLY take Melinda for his wife?

This is a charming story set in the late 1800s complete with social class distinctions and rules.  I enjoyed the overall theme of the book.  However, the action was a little slow for me at times.  I wanted some sections to hurry up and be over so I could find out what was coming next.  Call me impatient!  I love the steady character Evan shows throughout the book – fixed on fulfilling his promises to himself, and set on being a better man than his father.  Melinda is probably more like me – determining what God has planned, and setting it in motion for myself……not exactly what He desires!  Redemption is the theme of her story though, as it is for us.  We can learn to wait on God and make sure we do WHAT He has in mind WHEN He has it in mind.  Overall I give this book a B – charming, but a bit slow.  Not my favorite from these generally stellar authors.  

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

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