Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Girl's Still Got It - Non-fiction, Biblical

The Girl’s Still Got It
By Liz Curtis Higgs

Moabite, Gentile, widow, childless, idol worshiper becomes Israelite, Jewess, mother, God worshiper.  Reads like a juicy tabloid headline….  Meet Ruth, great grandmother of King David.  The glorious story of her redemption is written in just 4 short chapters of the Bible, but has remained for ages to foretell our salvation through Jesus.
  I loved getting to know the characters in the book of Ruth and I gained a better understanding of all the “goings ons” in this short Old Testament.  The writing style mixes fact with what-probably-happened-in-the-meantime fiction.  This book made the Biblical account much more real to me.  I can now see the emotion and the subtleties of Ruth’s story that before I had always missed.  I’m so glad the author included multiple Biblical translations of phrases throughout the book to help me gain a greater understanding of the text.  Liz Curtis Higgs also includes the stories of modern day ladies who mirror the characters in the book of Ruth.  I’ll admit that I’m definitely challenged to better love my mother-in-law by Ruth’s shining example!!!  This would be a great book for several friends to read, study, and discuss.  It has both a “light” version and an “in depth” version of study questions at the back to fit the study needs of one or many.  I give this book an A – great read alone or with friends. 

PS – New favorite phrase: “Kinsman-Redeemer.”  Just gives me the tingles.  Read the book to find out more!!

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