Friday, January 15, 2016

The Painter's Daughter - Fiction, Christian, Historical

The Painter’s Daughter
By Julie Klassen

Sophie Dupont enjoys serving as her father’s assistant as he completes commissions for wealthy patrons and teaches students the intricacies of painting.  One such student, the wealthy and handsome Wesley Overtree has captured Sophie heart and body.  Their passionate choices take them further than they know is right, and promises are implied but never spoken.  Suddenly, Sophie finds herself pregnant and alone when Wesley sails away to Italy to follow his painting whims.  In the midst of her heartbreak and fear, Wesley’s brother, Captain Stephen Overtree, arrives in search of his brother and discovers the dire situation in which Wesley has left Sophie.  Ever the honorable, duty-bound younger brother, Captain Overtree decides the best solution for Sophie is for them to marry and he claim the child as his own.  Can Sophie leave behind her love for Wesley for a marriage in name only?  Can Stephen forgive his brother for his misdeeds and keep his promises to Sophie?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Julie Klassen does a great job of painting (no pun intended) Sophie’s heartbreak and very difficult choices.  I love the gallant “white knight” Stephen coming to the rescue with a crazy proposal that will save someone he barely knows from disgrace, while potentially costing himself the chance to find “the one.”  I also love that even though Stephen is all honor and duty, he is by no means presented as perfect in the text.  Godly wisdom is woven throughout the text as Sophie rediscovers her neglected faith and Stephen relies on God for strength and direction.  Though the book deals with sinful passionate choices, everything is kept clean and free from material that is inappropriate.   This book is perfectly acceptable for older teens to adults.  Overall, I give this book and A ~ a very enjoyable read and recommended for readers who love this genre (like me!).

I received a free copy of this text from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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