Monday, November 9, 2015

On This Foundation - Fiction, Biblical

On This Foundation (The Restoration Chronicles Book 3)
By Lynn Austin

Nehemiah has come to serve as the cupbearer to the Persian King Artaxerxes in the citadel of Susa though his brothers have returned to the Jerusalem with the Remnant.  When an official delegation arrives in Susa from the Promised Land, Nehemiah is shocked to find one of his brothers there to present a petition to the king – a plea to the king to provide protection and relief for the Jews who returned to a defenseless city and famine in the land.  Nehemiah’s heart is heavy with grief over the disgrace of Jerusalem, but would risk his life by speaking to the king without being asked.  But God, in His mercy, allows Artaxerxes to notice Nehemiah’s grief with compassion and kindness – granting Nehemiah a leave of absence to rebuild the walls, supplies for the task, and the task of governing the people while there.  Can Nehemiah survive the plots of God’s enemies to see him and his countrymen destroyed before the wall once again rises around Jerusalem?  And can a mere servant rise up and lead a people divided to work in harmony and restore the city?

WOW!  I think I say this about every Lynn Austin book – but this book is great!  I love how she can take a story from Scripture and fictionalize it without losing the integrity of God’s Word.  You can read along in Scripture to find out “what happens next?”.   I could identify with the emotions of the people of Israel as they wept and mourned for their sins against God, yet realized that God’s love and mercy is greater still.  Overall, I give this book (and the entire Restoration series) and A+ - buy one for you and stick a second one in your booklover’s stocking.

I received a free copy of this WONDERFUL book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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