Friday, March 20, 2015

The Pharaoh's Daughter - Fiction, Biblical

The Pharaoh’s Daughter
by Mesu Andrews
Anippe lives in the shadow of the fickle gods of Egypt.  She saw her mother taken in the pangs of childbirth by Anubis and has always know he might require her life at any moment.  Terrified to face the afterlife, Anippe swears to never bear children for the husband her father has chosen for her.  So, when she finds a condemned Hebrew boy floating in a basket in the Nile river, Anippe decides that the gods have given her a child to call her own.  She plans to deceive her husband who is away fighting the Hittities, and claim the boy – Mehy - as her own.  Can she find peace with the gods who have always ruled her life, or will they require more of her than she could ever supply?

Wow!  I LOVED this book!  What a great look at the story of Moses from the eyes of the Egyptian princess who adopted him as her own.  I loved the extensive research the author put into this book as she showed a new perspective on the period of the slavery of the Hebrews in Egypt.  The ruthlessness of the Pharaohs – worshiped as gods by the people - even toward ones they claimed to love was startling.  However, we see that El Shaddai – God of the Hebrews – can work for the good and He loves even those who don’t know Him for the purpose of drawing them to Himself.  I am excited to see this story continue in the next book as we discover how God will shape the life of the one whom He has chosen to rescue His people from their slavery.  Overall, I give this book an A+: and excellent Biblical fiction read!

I receive a free copy of this book from WaterBrook Press in exchange for my honest review.

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