Thursday, March 19, 2015

After a Fashion - Fiction, Historical


After a Fashion
By Jen Turano

Harriet Peabody is comfortable creating hats for her employer, staying out of the way of the society ladies, and dreaming of opening her own re-fashioned dress shop someday.  But, when a delivery for her employer goes terribly wrong, Harriet finds herself unemployed and the target of wrath for a very unhappy society lady.  Oliver Addleshaw, wealthy society bachelor, witnessed the whole charade, and tries to help Harriet by offering her a position instead as his paid companion as he attempts to close an important business deal.  What neither person expects is the growing affection between a “hat girl” and a society gentleman.  But, troubles from Harriet’s past are never far away, and could endanger Oliver’s reputation and standing, and even Harriet’s life.  Can these two close the deal Oliver is working for, and can they find love despite the lofty rules of a society in which Harriet does not belong?

This book had me from the very first chapter – 1 eccentric spoiled society diva, meets that “hat girl” that won’t back down – action!  Harriet is charming, beautiful, and determined to follow God’s plan for her life, despite the difficulties of her upbringing.  I love that faith is so much a part of who Harriet is.  Dashing and somewhat arrogant, Oliver struggles to find the peace and orderliness he desires for his life apart from God.  The author did a great job of depicting that though life can be complicated with or without God, those who hope in Him find great peace and firm guidance when navigating the troublesome paths laid before them.  I thought the storyline of this book was action-packed, solid, and very entertaining.   I’ve read a lot of boorish historical Christian fiction that have the same old line – boy meets girl, falls in love, perfect ending.  I was so glad to find this book was not those other books!!  Overall, I give this book an A: very entertaining and filled with exciting twists!

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House publishers in exchange for my honest review. 

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