Sunday, June 23, 2013

That Dog Won't Hunt - Fiction, Southern Contemporary

That Dog Won’t Hunt
By Brandilyn Collins

“Baby” Ben is bringing his fiancée home to meet the family, and Ruth Dearing is determined that everything will be perfect for her son.  Ben’s three older sisters, two of them married with kids, are all home for their annual family reunion.  Christina, Ben’s fiancée, is not looking forward to meeting Ben’s perfect family.  He obviously adores them all, and she knows that she will never measure up to them.   Christina’s family was nothing to be proud of – alcoholic parents coupled with the constant verbal and physical abuse of her father.  There is no way she will ever be good enough to fit in here.  Jess, the youngest of the 3 daughters is skeptical of Christina.  Something isn’t quite right with that girl.  Can Christina find grace and love within this family before her self-condemnation cuts her off forever? 

Wow!  What a change of pace for this great author – southern non-suspense fiction.  I really enjoyed reading this book by Brandilyn Collins.  Her talent for writing suspense translates perfectly to this new genre.  The characters are well developed and loveable.  Christina’s struggle to find grace in the face of her terrible past is perfectly explained and understood.  Some mention of turning to God for answers is included, but I wish faith would have played a more central role in helping Christina find her place in the Dearing family.  Overall I give this book an A: fiction lovers are gonna like it!  And there’s more to come….

I received a free copy of this book from Brandilyn Collins in exchange for writing a blog about it.  You can get your copy of this great book for only $2.99 e-book or $9.69 paperback on Brandilyn’s website:

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