Friday, June 21, 2013

Gone South - Fiction, Modern Southern

Gone South
By Meg Moseley

Letitia McComb just went and did something a little crazy – she purchased her great great great grandparents Civil War era home in Noble, Alabama.  Proud of her family heritage, Letitia expects a warm welcome in the small town.  Little does she know that her ancestors left the town in disgrace – enough so to make the local history books, and not in a good way.  Mel Hamilton left Noble in disgrace too.  She has been making her way around the South with the few jobs she’s been able to keep here and there.  Accused of stealing her grandfather’s gold watch, Mel knows that arriving home in Noble will not bring tender family reunions.  Rejected by her parents, Mel is back to sleeping in the city park.  When Letitia offers Mel a hot meal and a place to stay, Mel seizes the opportunity.  But will Letitia’s bad family name, coupled with housing a notorious hometown “thief” force her out of Noble?  Can Mel make peace with herself and her family before it’s too late?

Gone South is quite a charming tale of Yankee city girl meets southern small town prejudice.  The attitude of the townsfolk toward the main character, Letitia is both realistic and astonishing.  Letitia struggles throughout the book with questions of what is true about her ancestors, and why should she suffer for their sins.  Thankfully, we see her turn to God for comfort in her trying times.  In turn, Letitia tries to ease the hurt of another outcast, Mel.  She is cautious but caring in her dealings with her new “roommate.”  Mel starts out very immature and a bit rough from her time on the streets, but Letitia’s faith and compassion begin Mel on a path back to God.  Overall I give this book an A: good, clean, fun Christian fiction.

I received a free e-book of this title from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. 

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