Friday, May 4, 2012

The Corruptible - Fiction, Modern Mystery

The Corruptible
By Mark Hynheir

Retired homicide detective Ray Quinn is struggling – struggling to keep his private investigation business alive, struggling to deal with the pain of his disability, struggling to find meaning in his life.   Cornered in a bathroom stall by the cheating husband of a client is not the way Ray pictured his life ending….  But, Ray soon finds himself in the penthouse of an office building with more zeros on the check in front of him than he ever imagined.  But what is his potential client hiding?  And will Ray lose his life trying to find out?

If you like suspense mysteries, you’ll love this book.  This book is engaging and keeps you guessing all the time – whodunit?  The author scopes out a clear plot while keeping the mysteries hidden until just the right time.  I appreciate the author’s incorporation of God in the story.  The main character (Ray) is bordering on alcoholism, but cries out to God for help.  And God answers even the unbeliever’s prayer in an effort to show Himself.  Ray’s Christian friend (Pam) lives a righteous life, but doesn’t force her faith on him.  She quietly offers Ray Christ-like advice, but doesn’t push him to accept Christ.  I think the authors paints a good example of a presenting a steady, not forceful, witness to those around us who don’t believe.  I give this book an A – good read!

I received a free e-book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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