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The 13th Tribe - Fiction, Christian Modern

The 13th Tribe on

The 13th Tribe
By Robert Liparulo

  Immortals.  Cursed by God for their worship of the Golden Calf at Mt. Sinai, the Tribe has wandered the earth for millennia attempting to please God by killing those they have deemed to be the worst sinners.  Now, they are planning a 9/11 scale event that will bring thousands of these “sinners” to justice at once.  The only problem is all of the innocent people who will die along with them.  Can they be stopped?
  Jagger Baird is angry with God – how could a good God let his best friend’s family die at the hands of a drunk driver?  Why did he survive the same car crash and lose only his forearm and not his life?  Now he and his family are living at Mt. Sinai trying to put back the pieces of their lives.  But, when an encounter with the Tribe turns Jagger’s life inside out, will he come to terms with God, or take the vengeance he so intensely desires?

I read the final line and thought: “WOW!  What an incredible book!”  The author has woven a fascinating and engaging story from beginning to end.  The tale wraps love, drama, faith and God into one exciting story.  I will say that I started out reading a little slowly, just because the description of the book sounded a little weird.  But, it didn’t take me long to become totally enthralled in the narrative and in “can’t put it down” mode.  I did have to get my Kleenex out a few times – the author does such a great job of expressing human emotion.  The underlying theme of the entire book is the life-changing love of Christ.  So, without writing any spoilers, I give the book an A+ - a must read for fiction lovers!

I received a free e-book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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