Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beyond All Dreams - Fiction, Historical

Beyond All Dreams
By Elizabeth Camden

Anna O’Brien is a map librarian at the Library of Congress, pleased to be doing what she loves and satisfied with her predictable life.  When she stumbles upon what seems to be an error in the record of the ship on which her father was working when it mysteriously sank, she brings it to the attention of the Navy in an attempt to discover what really happened.  What she doesn’t expect is the vehement objections of the commanding officers to her discovery, and the stern warning to stop her investigation in view of keeping her beloved job at the Library.  When the dashing Luke Callahan, congressman from Maine, enters her life and offers to help, Anna is pleased but cautious – knowing that Mr. Callahan has a reputation for having a bad temper and also for getting what he wants.  The pair has no idea what they will encounter in their investigation, and what they might discover they feel toward one another.

This is a great new book from Elizabeth Camden.  I have come to enjoy her books, and this was no exception.  I really liked Anna and her passion for her work and study.  Luke was easy to like as well, but approached with a bit of caution as the reader tries to find his true character under his charming exterior.  The story is filled with interesting twists and turns as we get a glimpse at life in late 1800s Washington DC.  Overall I give this book an A: a well-written, clean, romantic mystery.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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