Friday, September 5, 2014

With Every Breath - Fiction, Christian historical

With Every Breath
By Elizabeth Camden

Kate Livingston is still furious – even after many years - that Trevor McDonough bested her in a competition for a full scholarship college education.  So when Trevor specifically seeks her out to assist him with a medical study, Kate is shocked and confused.  Trevor comes to Kate harboring deep issues from his past that Kate is determined to expose.  Can the two longtime rivals put aside their differences in favor of searching for a cure for the ravages of tuberculosis?  Or will their differences, competitive spirits, and those opposed to Trevor’s work drive them in opposite directions?

I found this book to be slightly disappointing in the realm of what I’ve read from Mrs. Camden so far.  I found the storyline to be predictable and the turning point less than engaging.  I really hate to say all of that because of how much I LOVED Against the Tide.  I am just afraid our Christian romance novels are all starting to sound the same – boy meets girl, girl gets ticked at boy, someone is out to get both of them, boy and/or girl decides to trust God for a plan, boy marries girl, bad guy plan is foiled, happily ever after, the end.  HOWEVER, I do appreciate the time and effort that went into the research for this book about tuberculosis and early practices toward curing it.  I enjoyed learning about a different time for disease and medical care.  I just never really connected with these particular characters.  Overall, I’m giving this book a B – clean, predictable Christian title.

I was provided a free copy of this novel from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my (brutally) honest review. 

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