Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unrivaled - Fiction, Historical

By Siri Mitchell

Lucy Kendall has returned to St. Louis from her grand tour of Europe determined to make a new candy that will save her father’s failing confectionery.  The shock of finding her father ill and bed-ridden gives her even more motivation to save their company and put their biggest competitor out of business.  Charlie Clarke arrived in St. Louis hoping to better his life and win the approval of his estranged father by making their family’s candy company the only candy company in town.  When Charlie and Lucy find themselves alone by chance at a ball, their mutual attraction surprises them both.  What Lucy doesn’t realize is that Charlie is the son of the very competitor that she wishes to eliminate.  Is there a future for Lucy’s candy company?  And can Lucy and Charlie find love in the midst of a bitter rivalry?

This is the first time I have read a book by Siri Mitchell, and I loved it.  I was intrigued from the first chapter of the book.  The story line was well developed and easy to follow, while still hiding some big secrets until the very end.  One character, Winnie, encourages both Lucy and Charlie to look to God for help with their struggles.  Winnie also explains that no one can do so much bad that God can’t save them, and no one can be good enough for salvation without God.  This was a great underlying theme for the whole story – salvation is by grace through faith, not of ourselves.  I give the book an A – a fun, engaging, and wholesome story for any woman to enjoy.  (Warning: This book will make you want to eat candy!!)

I received a free print copy of this book from Bethany House publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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